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vegetarisme.info We have a lot of work to do and are particularly active these days; JPEG - 64.5 KB Veg'Asso Poster - We have had many information stands in big fairs such as Naturissima (Grenoble) or Primevère (Lyon), as well as in the street for the "Meatless Day" or the SMAL (with Veg'Anim de Grenoble - www.veganim.org). - We have added new sections to this website, and others have been completely expanded or updated (music, shoes, movies, nutrition, rennet, links, forum...). Other sections will be added in the near future, and "food additives" will be redesigned. - We will receive many new T-shirts, stickers, books and sweets at the beginning of July. Check out our catalog. Coming soon: - We're working on new badges, a new set of stickers, maybe a second poster, new T-shirts, and reprints of our old out-of-print designs. - We will start to make ourselves known in the Alps through stands, poster pasting, leafleting, picnics, etc. - Our long-awaited first book on vegetarianism should finally see the light of day this summer! - Issue 11 of Veg'Info, our information sheet, will finally be released in a few weeks, after months of delay due to free time and financial problems in the red... Thank you for your support and your many letters! - The association has moved (again)! After Brittany and Auvergne, we are now in the Alps! Don't hesitate to contact us, especially if you live in the area. The address of our association since December 2005 is: Veg'Asso 3 place Adrien Ruelle 05400 VEYNES Tel: vegetarisme.info
Date Created: Mon Dec 4 02:17:18 2023